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Give free pet cards and collect leads online
Give free RX cards to families and collect leads online

65 Places To Advertise Your Ameriplan Business

Here is a list of 65 different kinds of places to advertise. Of course, you can always add to this list. Let your imagination go wild! Enjoy! 


  • Mechanics Waiting Rooms
  • Laundry Mats 
  • College Campuses 
  • Back of Bathroom Stall Doors 
  • Libraries 
  • Hair Salons 
  • Tax Preparation Offices 
  • Orthodontist Offices 
  • Insurance Offices 
  • Dry Cleaners 
  • Bagel Shops 
  • Donut Shops 
  • Deli's 
  • ATM's 
  • Veterinarians 
  • Nail Salons 
  • Day Care Centers 
  • Retirement Homes 
  • Model New Home Centers 
  • Real Estate Agent Offices 
  • In Front of Magazines at Check Out Lines 
  • With Your Tip at Restaurants 
  • With Toll Booth Collectors 
  • Grocery Store Clerks 
  • Video Stores 
  • Dressing Rooms 
  • Bank Tellers 
  • Shoe Stores 
  • Kids Resale Shops 
  • Gymboree Centers 
  • Temporary Staff Offices 
  • Flower Shops 
  • Restaurants 
  • Pet Stores 
  • Dance Studios 
  • Grocery Store Bulletin Boards 
  • Mortgage Offices 
  • Computer Stores 
  • School Administration Offices 
  • Fabric Stores 
  • Print Shops 
  • Cashiers at Dealerships 
  • Tanning Salons 
  • Vitamin Stores 
  • Sales People At Any Store 
  • Senior Activity Centers 
  • Walk-In Medical Clinic Waiting Rooms 
  • Credit Unions 
  • Supply Stores 
  • Park Benches 
  • Bus Stops 
  • Pharmacies 
  • Bowling Alleys 
  • Clerks At The Post Office 
  • Gas Station Attendants 
  • Movie Theater Lobbies 
  • Furniture Stores 
  • Places Where You Pay Your Bills 
    • Cable Offices 
    • Water and Gas Utilities 
  • Any Place Where There Is A Woman Receptionist 
  • Apartment Leasing Offices 
  • Put Your Business Cards By The Baby Food Area In Super Markets 

65 Ideas on How to Generate Leads

Here are 65 ideas for you on how to generate leads. Of course, there is no limit to the ideas a person could come up with. Have fun with this! 

  1. Use FREE email Signature Tags and attach them to every email you send! 
  2. Register your website business on Every FREE search engine you can find (first) and then start targeting the pay per click search engines. 
  3. Register your website with Online Shopping Directories. 
  4. Register your website with Online Work At Home Directories. 
  5. Register your website with Online Classified Ads if you are going to do any recruiting! 
  6. In your spare time you can list your website on FFA Link Pages. 
  7.  In your spare time, go to other peoples personal websites and sign their Guest Book, make sure you include your info so they can find your website too! 
  8. Contact other webmasters and offer to exchange banners with them! If you do a online E-Zine or Newsletter swap banners with others and place them in your online newsletter and have them do the same! 
  9. Run a Contest on your site for Newsletter Members ONLY and then list your contest at all the FREE Contest & Sweepstakes Web pages! 
  10. List your website home business with online yellow page directories. 
  11. Add your listing into your local telephone paper-version phone book! 
  12. Scout out your local newspaper for the bridal announcements! You can send a business card and include a flyer for the new bride announcing your services! 
  13. Scout out your local newspaper for classified ads for Home Based Day Care Centers! Call & ask them if you can make up info packets to be sent home with their customers! 
  14. Scout out your local newspaper for baby announcements. If your company offers products geared to children or new moms you can try to match up their postal address with their name in the phone book. Drop into the mail a contact ME sheet, brochure or catalog, and business card. 
  15. Do an Online Bi-monthly or monthly Email Newsletter! After you get your local customer base built up you can consider doing a print version for those with NON-Computer Access! This will keep customers informed of your services! 
  16. Exchange business cards or flyers with other work at home business owners! 
  17. Network with other Home Business Owners! Schedule a Home Business EXPO locally in your area! Several of you can get together and come up with ideas on where to hold one! 
  18. Entice First Time Customers to purchase from you! Offer them an incentive like a personal discount or a special FREEBIE for them making their first purchase with you! Once you rope them in, give them the BEST SVC so that they will come back for more and refer you to others that they know! Word of mouth is sometimes the BEST FREE advertising! 
  19. Hold an Open House party! Do this 2-3 times per year! Send out invites to everyone and post flyers every where! Offer door prizes, refreshments, demo's etc! 
  20. Recruit Helper Friends! Have your friends help you spread the word! Give them catalogs, flyers & business cards! Tell them to pass them out, get you orders etc. Offer the "helpers" free items or personal discounts! A lot of times these helpers will end up being full recruits after they see how profitable & easy Your Home Business can be! 
  21. Sponsor Online & Local Contests! Donate a Prize or Gift Certificate! This will help get your a lot of Business Exposure! If you do online sponsoring, make sure you pick HIGH Traffic Websites! 
  22. Contact Local Business owners (usually smaller businesses work best). See if you can hang a flyer in their store window or set up a small table display. Offer them a personal discount or a freebie for allowing you this business exposure or swap "bag filler" business cards with them!
  23. Contact local Bingo Halls! Offer to donate a Prize for their Bingo games! Make sure you include a business flyer, catalog, business card etc with the prize you are donating! 
  24. Network with other Consultants and find out what works for them and share your ideas with them too! 
  25. Print out your own business cards or buy low-cost ones and pass them out every where! (I personally get all of mine from 
  26. If you want low-cost photo-copying for your business flyers try the public library! A lot of times they are a lot cheaper for photo-coping then the big print shops! 
  27. Distribute Flyers & Business Cards to: Apartment Complex Rental offices! 
  28. Get permission to hang up flyers at grocery store memo boards, school teacher lounges, public laundromats, church directory memo boards, senior centers, nurses & doctor lounges etc! 
  29. Contact your local hospital and ask them if they give out the FREE new baby bags filled with gifts etc to the new moms in their hospital? If so, ask if you can add a flyer, business card, or brochure to the mix! 
  30. Contact Local Fire companies/fire houses in your area! See if they would be interested in holding a Fundraiser or Party. 
  31. Do you have local Job Fairs? If so, contact them about you setting up a table with Recruiting Info at your Local Job Fair! You can also contact local temp. agencies and see about you leaving info with them about the Your Business Opportunity! 
  32. If you are into recruiting, place online classified ads every where! You can also place ads online at your local newspaper, TV stations and radio stations websites! Don't forget to also place a classified ad in your local print version newspapers too! 
  33. Contact local TV stations & radio stations. 
  34. Offer to hold parties for friends, co-works & family members! You can get FREE advertising by having normal bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary parties etc! Try to tie them into your Business! 
  35. Do you have children? If you participate in their bake sale activities try to incorporate your business in that. 
  36. Going to a summer picnic or family/class reunion? Wear a badge advertising your business. 
  37. Every time you are checking out somewhere, give the cashier a hot card. 
  38. Make sure you leave info about Your Business on your answering machine or voice mail message! Not everyone who phones you knows that you sell or represent a particular company! (especially those pesky bill collectors & telemarketers)! 
  39. Write your Website URL & email address on every piece of mail leaving your home, including the bills! Either get return address labels with it printed on or handwrite it! Do you know how many hands touch once piece of mail? GREAT FREE advertising for you! 
  40. Do a school fund-raiser. 
  41. Make up a colorful flyer and hang it in your car window! Passer-bys can see your flyer at a parking lot, red-light etc! 
  42. I leave my business card behind every where I go! I even include one in the Hotel MAID's Tip envelope that I leave behind with my tip in it! You can also do this at restaurants, restrooms, etc! 
  43. Contact your local Welcome Wagon Group! Network with them! See if you can add your business card, flyer, catalog to the Welcome Wagon Package in your area! 
  44. Pass out brochures in your neighborhood! 
  45. Talk about your business Everywhere you go! 
  46. Don't be afraid to ask others to check out your website! The worse thing that could happen is the word "NO" but in the future if they need service from you they will remember that conversation with you! 
  47. Contact local kitchen & cabinet tradesmen in your area or local cabinet makers! See if you can set up a display in their shop about your Business!!! 
  48. Contact local professional offices. See if you can leave brochures about your business there. 
  49. Contact Local Sorority Houses! 
  50. Contact College Campuses & Private Schools and see if you can set up a Table Display during their open house days! 
  51. When out and about....make sure you use an AmeriPlan® LOGO something! 
  52. Update your personal Business Website as much as possible! People who regularly visit our website don't want to see the same thing over & over! 
  53. Does your church hold spring & holiday bazaars? Don't forget to set up a table display with your business info! Volunteer your time for Church Bake Sales, Holiday Bazaars etc. In exchange, set up a table or booth with your info. 
  54. Fundraising! A lot of opportunities here for you to expand and grow your business! Make a list of all the LOCAL groups in your area! Print out flyers about Your Fundraising Opportunity and include contact & business info about yourself! Every month commit yourself to mail out or to contact at least 5-10 of those group contacts per month! 
  55. Do you know of a family in your area that had a fire tragedy recently? A flood or other home tragedy? Donate something to them and include your business information. 
  56. Invest in BLANK postcards or invest in Business Themed Postcards! These are cheaper to mail out than using catalogs! Include your business & Contact info on them and mail them out to everyone advertising your business! This works well with random mailings from phone books as they are much more inexpensive to do and recipients usually tack them to the front of their refrigerator until they need to contact you! 
  57. Business SALE aids and Advertising! If you can afford invest in getting some printed, personalized sales aids! Pass them out to everyone! Everyone loves something for FREE! 
  58. Encourage your current members to send referrals to you. If any of them enroll, you will reimburse them that month's membership fee! 
  59. Make up inexpensive Gift Baskets and put your business info in them and set them in local mom & pop businesses. 
  60. Offer something free for every 5 referrals! 
  61. Contact all the businesses in your area and provide them with printed info about your business. 
  62. If time is a problem for you, get yourself organized! When watching TV or a movie, stamp the backs of your catalogs! You can do this during the commercials instead of just sitting there & biting your nails LOL Enlist the help of your kids! Children love to feel that they have a "job" and offering them a few bucks or another incentive for helping you with your business! 
  63. Contact NEW Graduates from College in your area! 
  64. Get Business Themed Banking Checks! Your bank checks pass thru tons of hands that could become potential customers or party hosts! If possible get your email address or website URL preprinted onto them! I also suggest using preprinted postal address labels too! 
  65. Get yourself a self inking or rubber stamp made up with your Website URL and contact info on it! Stamp everything with it! Not only does this save you time but you will be more "apt" to stamp up everything and anything if it ONLY takes a second to do it!!! 

More Member Ideas

While out and about around town, put out drop cards, business card or fliers. Make sure to log your miles (it's a write off) .

Wear a badge "Ask me how you can save up to 80% off Dental." You can get these done up at trophy or sign stores.

Leave business cards or sticky notes in restrooms (on the hand driers, in the stalls, by the sinks).

Leave cards and fliers in the children's toys department.

Leave cards and fliers in the Infants department.

Talk to people waiting in line with you.

Leave cards, fliers or sticky notes at ATM Machines.

Leave cards and fliers at the magazine section: Mom magazines, entrepreneur magazines, sports magazines, business magazines.

Always ask the business store clerks if they would do you a favor and give your brochure or flier to someone that could use it.

Set up a booth at a job fair, health fair, community festival, etc.

Set up a booth at vision centers, especially around Christmas time in the malls.

Ask a vision place to offer a free eye exam for a drawing and have them fill out a card for the drawing that will give you important information on that individual.

Ask a delivery food restaurant to make a deal to put your fliers on the delivered food items. You can give then a referral thank you ($5 - $20) for every member that signs up from this.

Leave cards or brochures in gas stations, laundry places, dry cleaners, mom and pop stores, waiting rooms, pharmacies, vision places, etc. (get permission to leave them on counters).

Build up a route where you leave cards and fliers and then service it once a month, or more if necessary.

Search for and join different marketing groups in your local area.

Get a "tooth pin" from Ameriplan and wear it everyday when you leave home.

Put a bumper sticker on your car that tells about Ameriplan's services.

Get a magnetic sign or window clings for your vehicle that talks about Ameriplan's services

Talk to people that you know

Keep a listening ear

If you're talking to an BC prospect and they're not ready to enroll, ask them if they'd like to come in as a member first instead.

Always, always, always ask for referrals!