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Remember, these are people you know so speak with them as you normally would.
These videos are intended to create a live conversation. Never send our a video first
without creating a conversation on the front end by text, phone or email. Also do not
blast this video out; you will never have the positive results you want with out the proper
set up.

How to Effectively Create a Conversation

Never send out a video without first properly setting up a conversation. If you don’t set
up the conversation this will turn people off and you will not be able to effectively reach
your prospects. Here are some suggestions to text before you send out a video:

1. Do you have a minute?

2. Are you available to talk?

3. Just checking what your schedule is like today. Do you have time to talk a

4. I'm a stay at home parent working full time on my own terms. Text me back and I
will explain.

5.  I found this great company that helps people earn extra income from home. Would you be open to taking a look at it?

6. I help people save up to 80% on dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic .  Do you know anyone that needs a dental plan?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, you are now ready to start a
conversation and send a video. Here are a few suggestions for your next text to
accompany the video:

1. I have an important project that I’m launching with this video, text or call me
back and let me know what you like best about this video.

2. Watch this video and text me back? I really value your opinion.

3. Watch and text me back. We are having a blast doing this.

Now that you learned how to text people that you know.  Below you will learn how to text people that you don't know.  

​Texting is a method that we have been having really great results with lately. Everyone texts these days. It's convenient and you can do it from anywhere... at home, while you're watching TV, while you're sitting in the car pick up line at school waiting to pick up your kids, waiting at a doctor appointment, etc. You can print out your lead list and bring it with you.