The Healthcare Challenge was created to help you do simple daily activities that will help you grow your income.  Successful people in our industry succeeded because they do the little things consistently day in and day out, even when they don't feel like it.  

If you feel inspired to help people save money on healthcare while achieving financial freedom, then join our healthcare challenge.   Together we can do anything!

Make A Commitment
Look in the mirror and say out loud...
"Today's the day I'm taking my business seriously and changing my life".

Today's the day I'm no longer going to treat my business like a hobby. Today is the day I commit to MYSELF, to my success, to be an example for my children, to make my partner proud, to educate people about Ameriplan's affordable memberships!

Today is the day I commit to myself and my potential."

Today's the day I invest in my own future by fully committing to participating in The Healthcare Challenge".

Today, I am making the change.  

I know that no legal business is fast, free or easy money.  It takes time to build a successful business, normally a few years.  This business is not a  job.  I am not trading hours for dollars.   I am building a business for me and my family.  I am building residual and legacy money.  

I can do this business because I am powerful.


Okay, now that you are committed to do whatever it takes to make things happen.  Let's show you the money!
The income potential chart below has created millionaires with our company.  Of course, this doesn't even include the bonuses and overrides that you can receive!

 Our business model WORKS.  But you do have to work it.  :-)   
It won't happen overnight but if you keep working with us, you will get there.

Once you reach 25 let's work on to the next 25!
Stay focused. Stay consistent and the numbers will fall in your favor.
Yes!  I'm ready to
Great, click here to begin!